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Hope Lutheran Church
2314 Homedale Road
Klamath Falls OR 97603

Hope Community Center
2408 Homedale Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

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Hope Community Center

Hope Lutheran Church, Klamath Falls, OR
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Hope Community Center
2408 Homedale Road
Klamath Falls, OR 97603


Hope Grows: After School Program
Hope grows presently has 12 elementary children coming for after school care. The attendance this year seems to be "two steps ahead, and one step behind." Last month we had 13 children. So what is going on?
Part of it has something to do with how some young families are dealing with new challenges and transitions! Not to mention names, but as an example, in one family there has been a new birth. This is wonderful news, but now the mother instead of working is home with her new baby. So child care is not presently needed for the older child that was in the after school program. Another family is undergoing a change of employment. With the loss of a job, a parent is now home. So again after school child care is not presently needed.
Yet both families value Hope Grows. Both families would like to make future use of our after school program. But because of these new challenges and the transitions that these families are under going, these children are rightly under their parents' care. We might be reminded that Hope Grows is a ministry of our congregation for younger families. Yes, we are providing a place for families to have safe place for their children after school, as well as a place where children can continue to grow. But we as a congregation also can learn from these families. Some families are going through much change. We can be reminded of that fact. Certainly our understanding for these families are also part of our Christian service. May our concern and prayers go with them.