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God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1
I am writing this article before my “full hip replacement” surgery. Throughout my ministry I have known and prayed beside a number of people who have experienced surgeries, but this is my first major surgery. The doctors tell me that this is some of what I can expect: This is a major surgery; every patient’s recovery is different. I am to take two weeks at home recovery with a follow up doctor’s visit to see how I am doing at that point. During this time the surgeon wants me to focus on recovery, and to take time off work; there will be swelling and wound care along with mobility issues and pain management. I will not be able to drive 4-6 weeks. Over time I will first walk with a walker, then a cane, before I can walk unassisted. Once the doctor approves, I will return to work “step by step”. As I return to leading worship I probably will be sitting on a stool before I can stand for an entire worship. But the good news is that instead of years of getting worst, in weeks I will be getting better.
This has been a time of learning for me. Let me recount some of these insights.
Medical field: I have learn lots about hospitals and health care. In the last few weeks, I have read materials; had meetings, lectures, and classes; seen areas of our medical facilities which I never seen before; and had discussions with a number of medical personnel. As a student of history, how marvelous it is to live in an era when I can have this procedure done. I am thankful that I live in an area that has easy assessable to medical facilities. I have been blessed to have a vocation with medical insurance so that with some payment plans I will be able to afford it!
Common ground with others: I have found that I have something in common with those in our church and community who have already gone through this or similar procedures. There are more replacement hips out there than I realized. Of course everyone is different, but I have found that each of these people have been inspirational for me. They have given me some great tips and excellent support.
There are Helpful People: I have learned that I will need help from others, and many have come forward in so many ways. How blessed I am to have a loving wife, Karen, and supportive family at this time! They will be my primary care providers. Also, so many in our congregation have been so helpful already. Many people given me reassuring words like: “Pastor, take the time you need to get better. We’ll manage.” There has been so many helpful suggestions, shared resources or insights of where find resources. And as your brother in Christ, I am so grateful knowing that your prayers are ascending to our caring God. Thank you.
I Face this With Faith: We have a life long relationship with God, constantly learning about faith. Although I trust the medical team and facilities, I trust even more a loving God that has gotten me through all the other years of my life. This God is indeed a refuge and strength, a very present help right now! Our God is also a God of hope. As someone who had a recent hip replacement told me: “Before the surgery my pain was getting worse and worse, now after the surgery the pain is less and less.” Whatever may come, I have placed my life in the hands of our good and gracious God. Besides, I believe that God has a lot more in store for me on this side of heaven.
By the time you read this, I should have already had my surgery. Hopefully, I am well on my way with recovery… and continuing to be supported and lead by the Good Shepherd.
Pastor Lou