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Pastor Lou

“I am the gate. Whoever enters by me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture. 10… I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. 11I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”  Gospel of John 10:9-11


Easter Season


This month I will turn 63 years old. In many ways, it is no big deal. When marking time, the decades seem to be more important. When I turned 18 that was a bigger deal, as was when I turned 21. It used to be 65 years was the mark of retirement, now for someone my age it is 67. 


But 63 years marks another significant event in my life. For this was the age my father passed away. Although he lived a full life, there was so much that he missed as well. He was able to see only one of his four grandchildren. Many of his dreams and plans were never fulfilled. He never really had the retirement that he wanted.


His passing at my age does have me reflecting. If I die tomorrow (which I have no plans to do), but if I die tomorrow, have I lived my life abundantly? So, I think back over the years. Have I been a good steward of this gift of life? Have I made the best use of the resources in my power? Have I accomplished all the I have been called?  What can I improve upon?


I also ponder about the present. Much like finding ourselves on a boat on the river of life, in my present busyness of existence, I can just drift aimlessly day after day along the rapids and shoals. But I also can take an assessment of my life now. I can also steer into the flow of God’s purpose and direction. Who am I now? What can I do, think, plan now? Truly, there are times to steer and paddle, and there are times to just go with God’s flow.


Then I contemplate of the years to come. Much of it is in God’s hands. But what is in my power, how am I planning and working to a future? Am I more than just a selfish consummation of resources? My future is not only about my limited existence, but also for life eternal. Then also, what is my legacy going to be for my family, church, community? Am I making life better for generations to come?


I believe that such reflection is good for anyone of us. Can we look over our past, both the good and challenging? What have we learned from life’s lessons? Where are we now? Where is God leading us in years to come?


Even more important, especially during this season of Easter, let us remember that Jesus came to bring life, and to give it abundantly. This is future salvation and so much more. The living Jesus not only wants us to have an abundant, full, vibrant lives, but Jesus is a model for it. Although his worldly life was cut short on a cross, his life was well lived in truth, justice and love. His life has changed to the world for all time. Moreover, there is an active Spirit given through him. This Spirit strengthens, guides, and gives us the power for real living. This is given in grace.


May God grant you life, and may you have it abundantly. May we all have the courage to accept this gift and live it with Easter faith.


Pastor Lou

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