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Tiny Hopefuls exists as a ministry of Hope Lutheran Church. We strive to provide a stable, safe, loving and Christian atmosphere for children in need of care outside their home. Our long term caring staff is the vehicle through which this mission is carried out.

Daily Schedule:


7:00-9:00 Free Play
8:00  Breakfast (optional)
9:00  Circle Time: music, games, stories, exercise in classroom.
Wednesday: Bible Story with Pastor
10:00  Morning Snack
10:15  Preschool Class
11:00  Free Play
12:00  Lunch
1:00  Quiet Time (nap)
3:00  Wake-up: comb hair, tie shoes, hygiene
3:15  Afternoon Snack
3:30-5:30 Free Play: special projects, games, stories, etc...


8:30-11:30 Class schedule posted in classroom.
11:30  Return to Daycare

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